Hi. I'm Carmen Mustile.

US Court Interpreter. Translator. Linguist.

Communication is the most fascinating human activity.

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Below are my most commonly requested services.
I work with clients both large and small and treat each case on an individual basis.

If you have a particular translation project that does not fall under these categories, please describe your needs in the contact form below.

Remote Interpretation

Commonly used for business meetings with foreign partners, remote interpreting is the perfect way to address the world from the comfort of your own home.

U.S. Court Interpreter

Pre-trial / Trial / End-Trial Proceedings.
Client/ Attorney conference interpreting. Ensure due process for non-English speakers.

Cultural Broker

Cross-cultural awareness and comprehension of:
Expectations, Attitudes, Values, Roles, Institutions, and Linguistical & Cultural Nuances.

Health Care Interpreter

Facilitate Doctor/Patient communication.
Convey medical procedures, consent, and HIPAA rights.
Remotely enable Doctor and Pharmaceutical Studies.

Document Translator

Oral and written translations of:
Legal Contracts, Court-orders, Wills, Health-care Records, Device Instructions, Resumés, Licenses and Certificates.


When you truly acquire a second language, you acquire a whole culture behind that language.

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